Corporate Tax Transparency Reports

Multinationals entities and their subsidiaries with annual revenues of more than EUR 750 million - and operating in more than one EU countries - should publish the amount of tax payable in each Member State. This information should be available on the Internet by using a common model and machine-readable format. According to the agreement adopted by MEPs to facilitate the use of information provided and to increase transparency, the data provided by companies will include: the nature of the company's activities, the number of full-time employees, the amount Income tax profits or losses, the amount of accumulated and paid income tax and accumulated profits. Based on the new directive, the obligation to submit tax transparency reports will also apply to the Union list of non-cooperative tax jurisdiction outside the EU (ie countries included in the EU's "black" list). Member States have 18 months to incorporate the provisions into their national legislation. This means that businesses should comply with the first provisions of the Directive by mid-2024.

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