διεθνή λογιστικα-προτυπα-δλπ-λογιστικο γραφειο
The adoption by the European Union of International Accounting Standards (IAS) in 2005 is the Accounting Revolution of the 21st century for Greece. Greek companies faced significant challenges as they were called upon to harmonize with international requirements and overturn established perceptions and practices. The economic crisis that Greek entrepreneurship is experiencing in recent years, with the unpleasant effects on operating profitability and liquidity, highlighted the need for greater transparency and a more accurate presentation of the financial position of companies. The application of IFRSs achieves a common level of quality in financial information in Europe, seeking a commonly accepted framework of principles, strengthening the process of rational financial decision-making. IFRSs, as a key tool for the efficient operation of businesses, have the potential to be developed and regularly reviewed to support the business strategy.

Our office, with many years of experience in the preparation of Financial Statements based on IAS / IFRS, deals with both the usual adjustments required and the most complex issues.

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