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Payroll Services

Our office guarantees the perfect payroll management, with immediacy and confidentiality. Payroll services are very important for any business and we make sure to relieve you of this process. If your business has more than one employee, it would be good to have a complete and efficient payroll system.

  • Collection and processing of all data necessary for salary calculation.
  • Payroll calculation and management.
  • Making available all the necessary data to generate reports in Excel – pdf.
  • Ability to send pay slip electronically to employees’ personal email.
  • Preparation and submission of the monthly summary payroll tax return. 
  • Creating and sending the relevant files to banks paying the payroll.
  • Electronic submission to the information system "ERGANI" of any new hires, terminations, personal lists, regular leave, overtime etc. 
  • Creating and submitting records and statements relevant to Insurance Funds.
  • Preparation and submission of the annual salary statements of earnings and withholdings for each employee for their personal tax returns. 
  • Open communication line for support in labor and insurance matters.
  • Prompt information on changes in insurance and labor legislation.

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