Κάτοικοι εξωτερικού
You are a Greek, resident abroad and you wish to be transferred to the Tax Office Residents Abroad so that you are not taxed in Greece for your global income?

Do you have the prerequisites?

What are the necessary supporting documents?


You are a citizen of another country, who wish to acquire property in Greece?

What obligations and what rights arise, having real estate in Greece?

Which professionals do you address?

What will it cost?

Contact us and take advantage of our specialized advice on issues that bother you.

Tax services for residents abroad

We provide specialized services on tax matters which involve private clients having any type of financial activity in Greece.

Income Tax Returns

The existence of any type of real income in Greece requires you to submit a yearly income tax return.

We undertake the processing and submittal of the income tax return to its completion and liquidation.

Tax Representation

Any foreign resident who has any type of financial transactions in Greece is obliged to appoint a tax resident of Greece as their tax representative.

We undertake the responsibility of your whole and complete representation in Greece.

Change of Tax Residence

Taxpayers, who move permanently outside Greece and meet the conditions to apply for a change of tax residence, must submit the relevant application to become residents abroad.

We commit to completing the process for the correct display of your tax residence.

Real Estate Property Taxation

The ownership of real estates in Greece induces obligations relating to their declaration and taxation.

We undertake the process for the appropriate imaging of your properties to the financial service.

Taxpayer’s Debt

We monitor your tax debts and inform you about their timely repayment, avoiding fines and surcharges.

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